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David Silavin & Klaara Malmberg

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Lynne Richardson & Miranda Roseman

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Michelle Laine combines a deep connection to mood and personality, a passion for texture and light- and an emphasis on collaboration to craft costumes that are vigorously character enlightening.

Recent costume design credits include feature film 'Abandoned' (2022), directed by Spencer Squire, starring Emma Roberts and Michael Shannon, and music video 'Lifetime' for Yves Tumor, directed by Floria Sigismondi. To deliver a subtle graphic identity to each hero or villain for the feature film 'Archenemy' (2020), Michelle took inspiration from underground comic books, and inserted pop-art iconography into the costumes through bold language in the accessories.

In addition to costume and jewelry design, Michelle is often brought on as creative director, and visual designer for artists and directors. Her sought after expertise in conceptualizing ranges from director’s treatments, live performance visualizers and film direction. Michelle also served for 5 years on the selection committee of the SIMA Awards, a global impact & human rights documentary film festival.

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